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Hi! I'm Em.

I'm an organizer, collaborator, and manifester. You think it, we can do it. Let's work together to make this world a little kinder, a little brighter, a little better for everyone. 

(want to know more? you're in the right place.) 

Hi there! I am an interdisciplinary project consultant, fusing creativity and advocacy to nurture more just, vibrant, and generative communities. Drawing on my background in community organizing, social service, and capacity building, I bring a diverse skill set that includes thought partnership, project planning, and creative strategy. Throughout my career, I have supported nonprofits, small businesses, digital media platforms, conferences, festivals, and corporations worldwide, always with an emphasis on facilitating vibrant, meaningful processes and outcomes for all involved. I've been honored with a number of accolades in my journey, including being named Best Impresario by the Riverfront Times, inspiring a feature in St Louis Magazine on local leaders bringing positive international attention to the city, and a cherished 52nd City "Kickass Award." (This is, in fact, a physical trophy featuring a leg punting an equestrian rear.) I hold a master's in Performance Studies (an interdisciplinary degree) from York University, where my research focused on public space, ecology, technology, and sustainable practices in business theory and leadership. My work and research has been featured in the US, Canada, Stockholm, Portugal, Scotland, New Zealand, and Mexico. I am a proud former Union member (CUPE 3903, AEA EMC), counselor (RASAC II), and a Creative Climate Leader with Julie’s Bicycle, an acclaimed NGO specializing in arts and climate action. After a decade and a half exploring my roots in the Midwest and Canada, I returned to my original hometown of Seattle in 2018, eventually settling in the South Sound, on the ancestral lands of the Puyallup People in Tacoma, Washington. I love dancing, good local food, riding a bicycle on a warm summer night, and digging in the dirt.

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